FieldHaven Update: Scruffy Kittens Transformed, 2021 Stretch Goal!

FieldHaven Update: Scruffy Kittens Transformed, 2021 Stretch Goal!

Watch Scruffy Kittens Transformed!

Named the John Deere litter because they were found underneath a lawn mower, three tiny kittens almost didn’t survive. They were barely alive when found – tiny, cold, hungry and covered with scabs from a rare type of mites. They needed immediate attention.

Thanks to your support, Tony, Alex and Stella have new homes for the new year!

We made a 101-second video to share their story:

Quiet Please! Cats in Cages

Volunteer Wayne StewartBuck’s Barn at FieldHaven is all about keeping feral and fearful cats comfortable while staying with us. Most cats, especially ferals, do not like loud noises like the clanking sound of cage doors closing.

Volunteer Wayne Stewart has found a way to soften the sound by outfitting each latch mechanism with rubber covers. It’s a tedious job but Wayne loves how it adds to the kitties’ comfort while staying with us. And we love Wayne for his dedication. Thank you, Wayne!

2021 Eartip Stretch Goal!

At our Hathaway Spay/Neuter Clinic, we performed 1,447 spay/neuter surgeries in 2019 – and only 926 in 2020! COVID and the wildfires really decreased the number we were able to do, but we have an idea!

First, some quick background. These numbers do not include shelter cats we put up for adoption.

These were cats brought in by the public who were interested in our low price of $60 for the surgery, plus parasite treatment, vaccines, and microchip. About 70 percent of these cats get eartips. A tipped ear – a tiny corner humanely snipped off one ear while under anesthesia – is the universal symbol that a feral cat has been fixed. This is so important because spay/neuter of community cats who live outdoors stabilizes their populations, keeps them healthy, and protects them by decreasing roaming, and fighting.

Now for our idea! We want to perform 2,021 eartip spay/neuter surgeries in honor of the new year. Because about 70% of cats getting these procedures at our clinic receive eartips, that means we need to do at least 2,627 total spay/neuter procedures this year.

Your continued support will allow us to reach this goal – a goal that is a 184% increase from last year!

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