Lost and Found: Serabi’s Microchip Miracle

Lost and Found: Serabi’s Microchip Miracle

A reunion story and a PSA about how microchips could save your cat’s life!

One day, a cat walked into an apartment complex rental office where a woman named Ash works. The kitty was friendly, so Ash took her to be scanned for a microchip to see if she had one that could connect her to her family. Unfortunately, the microchip registration was out of date and for someone who apparently lived in Nebraska. Feeling out of options, Ash posted her as a found cat on Facebook.

Joy Smith, FieldHaven’s co-founder and executive director, saw the post and generously offered help from her assistant and microchip stalker, Audra Murphy. Audra took some time to see what info could be pulled from the microchip.

First, Audra called the chip company for every detail of information on the registered owner. With a name, address, and phone number in hand, she searched out the registered owner—but it led to a dead end. Audra was able to locate the owner’s parent, who said the cat was actually her son’s ex-girlfriend’s, who had moved to California.

Armed with what she assumed was the name of the correct owner of the cat, Audra kept looking. She couldn’t find a phone number. The address was in Colorado. Audra turned to Facebook for a new avenue. She found her! Audra reached out, connected Ash with the owner, and together, they arranged to get kitty, who they now know was named Serabi, home.

While this story ended happily, here’s your PSA: Update your pet’s microchip info when you move, change numbers or change ownership! Serabi’s reunion took 5 days because of an out-of-date microchip. Not all pets are so lucky, and not all pets have somewhere to hang out while the research is done to find the owner. With Serabi, once we had chip info to research, it took less than 12 hours to reunite her! It goes to show that if the info was up to date, Serabi could have been home within an hour as she lives in the apartment complex where she was found.

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