The First Kitten of the Season Has Arrived

The First Kitten of the Season Has Arrived

Do you hear a teeny, tiny meow? We do and it is announcing the opening of Kitten Season 2019. Yes, Kitten Season started in February.

Our first kitten of the season arrived last week. The little tiger-wanna-be first arrived at Yuba County Animal Care services, where his mama had been surrendered. She gave birth to a litter of three and, sadly, this little guy was the only one to survive. FieldHaven stepped in to foster the new mom and her son until both are ready for adoption.

FieldHaven took in 697 kittens last year, and we fully expect this year to be just as busy. The high number of kittens seen every year is one reason why we put so much effort into spay/neuter clinics and our TNR programs. These successful programs are proven to reduce the annual kitten population.

Paradise has a very high rate of in-tact cats (both pets and ferals) and right now they’re in the mood to create hundreds more kittens. Every community cat trapped in the burn zone is getting a date with the surgeon and a microchip as a parting gift before it heads back out on rodent patrol.

As kitten season ramps up we will need funds and fosters to provide for the kittens until they find their forever homes. Please consider donating using the link below and contacting Courtney Handl at [email protected] if you’re interested in fostering.

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