Camp Fire Reunions Warm Our Hearts

Camp Fire Reunions Warm Our Hearts

Reunions Continue for Camp Fire Cats

Opening the larger Transfer Station in Paradise has had the most positive impact of saving Camp Fire cats lives. It provides enough space for trappers to bring as many cats as they can into our facility – even in the darkest hours of the night – to be triaged and hopefully reunited with their families. It also provides a warm, dry space for the trappers to rest.

Tiger was reunited with his family this past week after 109 days in the burn zone. This hunky redhead was spotted wearing a collar by Ilda Badilla, who has been feeding cats in the burn zone. Because the phone number on his collar wasn’t in working order, she posted his picture online. With expert online sleuthing by Leslie Berard-Zaletel, his owner Marge was found living in Red Bluff. Kindhearted volunteers Linda Sigler and Jackie Mohr Howard drove Tiger to Red Bluff to reunite with his loved ones.

Last Friday night we had three cats come into the Transfer Station who were chipped. We did a happy dance and contacted their owners right away. Remember to chip your pets, even if they’re indoor only. It will help you reunite if they ever get lost.

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