Dexter Survives Flames to Find Family

Dexter Survives Flames to Find Family

Dexter: From the Flames of Paradise to Family in Missouri

Dexter, a two-year-old, handsome cat just smashed the myth that black cats are unlucky.

Waiting for his flight.

Dexter’s family – two humans and three other cats – lived in Paradise. His parents had only five minutes to safely evacuate their home before it burned to the ground. They were able to locate three of the cats, tearfully leaving without Dexter, who was somewhere in the house.

Incredibly, Dexter escaped the burning home and survived in the burn zone for 102 days before being trapped by Camp Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification, one of FieldHaven’s partners in this massive Camp Fire pet reunification effort. Because Dexter was chipped, we were able to immediately call his parents at their new home in Missouri to give them the happy news.

Camp Fire Cats

His parents anxiously waiting in Missouri.

Dexter and his trapper Leslie Berard-Zaletel, flew to Missouri last Friday for the happy reunion. Click on the links below to watch his heartfelt story:

Dexter’s reunification happened because FieldHaven has an unparalleled team of organizations and volunteers all working toward the same goal of rescuing and reuniting pets who are still in the burn zone from the Camp Fire.

Thank you Jennifer Petruska and Leslie Berard-Zaletel for doing the field work that got Dexter rescued and safe. They brought him to the Alley Cat Allies® Transfer Station run by FieldHaven in Paradise. Thank you Deborah Lorentz Selbert for fostering Dexter until flight arrangements could be make. Kudos to Deborah and Dusti Nakamura for the personalized carrier. Teamwork brought this boy home!

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