FieldHaven Recovery Center’s foster families are special people who provide love, care, and socialization for cats displaces by the Camp Fire and are waiting for their families to find them. Foster families allow us to rescue more cats from the fire zone by alleviating overcrowding in our shelter, thereby saving more lives. Foster families provide temporary care for cats in their own homes until they are reunited with their loved ones. This may be for a few weeks or a few months.

FieldHaven Recovery Center Provides Our Foster Families With:

  • Training and support to be happy, successful foster families
  • All veterinary care and medicines, if necessary
  • All veterinary care and medicines, if necessary
  • Food
  • Supplemental items like blankets, scratching posts, toys, etc.

Foster Families Provide:

  • Daily care in a safe home environment
  • Time and energy for lots of play, love, and socialization
  • Administering of medicine, if necessary
  • Kitty litter
  • Regular reports on the foster feline’s progress and personality to the foster care manager and helps to search for the foster’s family. Post updates on their own social media pages to help provide a wider audience for the cat to possibly be seen by the cat’s family
  • On occasion, transport your foster to Fieldhaven Recovery Center when needed for vaccines, vet checks, or for potential owners to see them in person to determine if it is their beloved pet.