Reindeers and Dreams

Reindeers and Dreams

For the love of God, somebody help me. Please? My name is Scott. It’s not Comet, or Cupid, or Donner, or Blitzen…but tell that to the ladies here at FieldHaven, who can’t stop dressing me in holiday garb. They coo and fuss over me because they know I was rescued from an unpleasant hoarding situation.

There were seventy of us cats in one place and I spent most of my young life in a cage with little human interaction. I appreciate the ladies’ attention, but the antlers? They were the straw that broke this kitty’s back (just so you know, I DO have ears).

I’m a young man who is shy for about five minutes before warming up. I love getting my ears scratched (but not my rear end!) and will roll over for tummy rubs. I don’t like to be picked up, so I’d probably be best in a home without small children. I like other cats and am playful and curious. My adoption fee has been sponsored, so you’d only pay $11 for my microchip!

Please save me from additional holiday humiliation! Goodness knows what they have in store for me for New Year’s!

Come meet Scott tomorrow at FieldHaven Feline Center.

We are open for adoptions from 12 PM to 5 PM. We are closed Sunday and Monday. This is the stuff Christmas dreams are made of – at least, our dreams here at FieldHaven. No, we’re not dreaming of fun toys, the latest iPhone, glittery jewelry, or a new car: our dreams are of lives saved.

In 2017, we started working with Yuba County Animal Care Services, transferring kittens and cats whenever we were able, also providing phone support to their customers to educate on solutions other than surrender to the overburdened shelter. YCAS has a very high euthanasia rate for cats as result of way too little resources in their community.

YCAS works with numerous shelters to transfer out as many cats as they can. This week, the stars were aligned. This morning, there were only FOUR transferable cats in the shelter (cats on stray hold can’t be transferred). Guess what? We brought them to FieldHaven Feline Center! We have emptied the Yuba shelter!

Thank you to all of you who have made this dream possible with your support.

The kitties are all nestled in their beds at FieldHaven, with visions of Temptations™ dancing through their heads, knowing they are safe…

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