It’s Raining Kittens in December

It’s Raining Kittens in December

It may not be raining rain, but it sure feels like it’s raining kittens!

This year has been ridiculous! We usually don’t have any kittens come in until late February or March, but in 2017, we took in twenty-three kittens in January! It hasn’t let up since.

Just this weekend, a pregnant female was urgently brought in from Yuba County Animal Care Services, where she had been dropped off as a stray. She was only here about three hours before she went into labor, adding four more wee babies to the nearly six-hundred we’ve already taken in this year.

Several of us watched as these little elves made their way into the world, marveled at mom’s efficient post-birth bath, and gave a soft cheer when they suckled their first meal, then smiled as mom curled around them for their first nap.

With smiles from ear to ear, we all tip-toed out of the room, shut off the lights, and left the new little family in comfort and safety to enjoy their first night together.

Won’t you please help us with supporting this unexpected family? Mama’s going to need a lot of chow to feed these hungry elves. In a few short weeks, they’ll be insatiable, kibble-munching machines.

Your donation will mean so much to them.

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