Jewelry at FieldHaven Marketplace

Have you ever wondered where the Marketplace, FieldHaven’s thrift store, acquires its fabulous jewelry? It comes from near and far, donated by generous supporters in Lincoln and, in some cases, well beyond.

Old jewelry, whether it has gone out of fashion or you’re just tired of it, is welcomed and given new life there. Donors don’t even need to bring it to us themselves. Many supporters mail us their unwanted jewelry, which doesn’t require a lot of postage.

Some donations include semi-precious stones. Others boast unique designs or vintage appeal. Whenever we come across such a find, the piece is promptly routed to our group of volunteer jewelry experts for evaluation.

Maggi, a retired nurse, Sandy, a former executive secretary at PG&E, and Janice, of Ice Capades fame, carefully untangle chains, and sift through rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. They are armed with jewellers loupes, knowledge of jewelry markings for metal purity, and an infinite amount of patience.

Their work is tedious and time consuming, but the rewards to our kitties borders on extraordinary. Jewelry sales have continued to grow every year and our jewelry selection has generated a loyal following.

(Unfortunately, that “following” included a thief, who broke into the store in September and absconded with about $500 worth of jewelry.)

If you’d like your unwanted jewels to benefit our kitties, please mail them to the Marketplace or drop it off in person. Our address is 454 F Street, Lincoln, CA, 95648.

As always, we and the kitties thank you!

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