Tara and Turbo are Looking for a Home for the Holidays

Tara and Turbo are Looking for a Home for the Holidays


Those mischievous eyes of Tara’s are looking for toys to play with so she can make you giggle with her kitten antics. Like any five-month-old kitten, she’s full of energy – and lots of love to give.

Her beautiful black coat and soft green eyes will be your perfect stress-reducer during the hectic holiday season. Each stroke of your hand will be rewarded with a head butt and a flurry of purrs. This girl is full of love!


Both Turbo and Tara looking for a home with a special family who will give them lots of love. You see, statistically speaking, Turbo and Tara probably won’t live a long healthy life, but they don’t know that. All they know right now is that they feel great – so great that aall they want for right now is a home.

Turbo and Tara have feline leukemia virus (FeLV), so they need a special home where they can be an only kitty or live with another kitty with FeLV – like if you were to adopt both of them (hint-hint)! Although it is unusual for a kitty over the age of five years old to develop FeLV, we would not recommend taking the risk. A home on their own or with another FeLV cat is ideal.

Kitties have a median life span of three years after FeLV diagnosis, but there are some who have lived for many years. We really can’t say for sure how long they’ll have, but it would be great if they could have a home for whatever time they have.

If you would like to meet Turbo or Tara, please contact us at [email protected] or call the shelter at (916) 434-6022.

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