Bumble and Champy

Bumble and Champy

Champy is telling Bumble that everything will be just fine. He tells him of how he came to FieldHaven Feline Center three years ago with both eyes so badly infected his eyesight was destroyed – that scary time when just before Christmas, he had surgery to remove what was left of his sightless eyes. It all turned out fantastic: he has a loving home, his own Catfé, and a legion of fans.

Bumble is scared because he had to have a leg amputated when he was only a few weeks old. He wonders how life will be without his limb. Will anyone love him? Will he be able to play? Champy assures him life will be one big fun party!

That party is made possible by the generosity of FieldHaven’s supporters like you. You helped us heal Bumble and Champy.

With your help, we can save many, many more like these two very special kitties. Please support FieldHaven for Giving Tuesday. Make your donation now. Bumble and Champy are asking you.

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