2nd Chance Ranch is Open!

2nd Chance Ranch is Open!

2nd Chance Ranch will be open for public tours Monday, October 23 through Wednesday, October 25. Please stop by to celebrate this new life-saving facility with us!

Two years ago, we came up with an idea: we wanted a place where cats with no place to call home could hang out until they could find a job as a Rodent Ranger.

These are the cats who are most often euthanized in shelters: ferals, who for one reason or another, could not be TNR’d (trap, neutered, returned) and social cats whose personalities and habits made them not-so-great house cats.

We believe every cat deserves a chance at a home. For some, it takes a bit more matchmaking to find the right home. They need a place to stay until our creative matchmakers find one for them, along with a job.

That’s where the idea of the 2nd Chance Ranch came in – and now it’s here!

Come see it for yourself at FieldHaven Feline Center at 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648.

It’s complete with Buck’s Barn, a community center that is the hub of TNR and Rodent Ranger placements at FieldHaven. With Jen Paul at the helm, Buck’s Barn is where you can come to get started in TNR. Jen and her team will teach you how to trap, loan you all the equipment you need, schedule spay/neuter appointments for you, and even house your trapped cats before and after surgery.

Need some Rodent Rangers to patrol your property? You’ll find none more skilled than those in Camp Joe Willie. With four housing areas, Camp Joe Willie always has a variety of candidates.

Get more information on Rodent Rangers here.

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