2nd Chance Ranch

About 2nd Chance Ranch

Thanks to your support, the 2nd Chance Ranch was officially opened on Saturday, October 22, 2017.

This state-state-of-the-art facility temporarily houses feral and semi-feral cats until they are ready to assume their Rodent Ranger jobs in barns, warehouses, wineries, stables, or wherever unwanted critters invade.

Camp Joe Willie

After they’re cleared, cats will move into one of four enclosures in Camp Joe Willie (named in memory of Mark Glickman’s beloved tuxedo). Camp Joe Willie is a barn split into four rooms.

Each enclosure accommodates eight to ten cats, including a generous outdoor area.

Buck’s Barn

Buck’s Barn (named in memory of long-time volunteer Buck Ewing) also doubles as a resource center for people who manage feral colonies and offers traps, cages, and all the necessary equipment. After they are cleared, cats will move into one of four enclosures in the Camp Joe Willie barn (named in memory of Mark Glickman’s beloved tuxedo cat).

Each enclosure accommodates eight to ten cats and includes a generous outdoor area. The cats’ temperaments will determine where they will stay: Barn Pals (friendly), Lone Rangers (semi-feral), or Raging Bulls (feral). You can learn more about them on our Rodent Rangers page.Cats may move into and out of categories as they acclimate. We anticipate that some cats initially deemed feral will transfer into our adoption program, where we will match cats with adopters.

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