A Cat Ranch That Saves Lives

A Cat Ranch That Saves Lives

FieldHaven is Saving Even More Lives with the 2nd Chance Ranch

It’s almost done!

After two years of planning and building, the 2nd Chance Ranch is nearing completion! The 2nd Chance Ranch is a safe place for cats with no place else to hang their hats until we find a good job for them as Rodent Rangers.

These cats are typically killed in shelters because they’re too feral, too anti-social, or don’t want to conform to the good behavior of a proper house cat. The 2nd Chance Ranch will change their fate. Instead of dying, their new destiny is to bring order to the population of pests all over: in yards, gardens, businesses, warehouses, ranches, wineries, breweries, and wherever else rats and mice congregate.

The ranch is built, we just need to furnish it.

Within the ranch are two main buildings.

Buck’s Barn

Buck’s Barn is the center of operations for the ranch. Intake, treatment, and adoptions will all take place here. Buck’s Barn offers a resource center for people doing TNR projects. We loan traps, cages, and other equipment to people doing spay/neuter projects of any size. Short-term housing will be available for pre-spay/neuter holding and recovery before returning altered cats to their community.

Camp Joe Willie

Camp Joe Willie is a bunkhouse for cats waiting for the perfect job. Each of the four units has an indoor room and an outdoor cat yard, all designed for the comfort and enrichment of the cats.

We Need Your Support!

We are asking for your support to help furnish Buck’s Barn and Camp Joe Willie. Just like moving into a new house, there’s a lot of things we need to start operations before moving the cats in. From dish soap to tables, it’s all the small things that make a house a home – a home for cats who had no other chance except euthanasia until the 2nd Chance Ranch.

Here’s your chance to be part of an innovative, truly life-saving opportunity for so many cats. Your gifts can be made through our Amazon Wish List or by donating funds towards any of the items we need.

Donation Amount Guide

  • $6 covers the cost of one litter pan (needed: 30)
  • $20 covers the cost of one chair (needed: 8)
  • $65 covers the cost of one cage portal (needed: 10)
  • $80 covers the cost of one feral den (needed: 10)
  • $100 covers the cost of one trap (needed: 15)
  • $125 covers the cost of one scale (needed: 1)
  • $125 covers the cost of one wheeled table (needed: 4)
  • $135 covers the cost of one treatment net (needed: 1)
  • $210 covers the cost of one cabinet (needed: 1)

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