A Senior Moment with Grandma Rhoda

A Senior Moment with Grandma Rhoda

My name is Grandma Rhoda, and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to the ripe-old-age of 13. A year ago, my previous owners surrendered me at a different shelter to be euthanized, but when the vets examined me, they didn’t find any serious problems. Now I’m at FieldHaven, where I have a better chance at adoption. For those of you who might be skittish about adopting a senior kittizen, you should know I’m pretty healthy for my age. I’m also playful, affectionate and mellow, and do well with children. Like many grandmas, I absolutely adore sitting on the patio, sunbathing by day and star-gazing at night. There are only a handful of months left before I turn 14, so please help me prove 13 is indeed my lucky number!


Who says 13 is an unlucky number? It feels pretty lucky to me.

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