Join Us for Scout’s Challenge!

Join Us for Scout’s Challenge!

60 Year Young Lung Transplant Recipient to Run 20 Miles on BIG Day of Giving!

In 2013, Scout Valentine was rushed to the University of San Francisco Hospital after her lungs completely failed due to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

After 10 days in the Pulmonary ICU, she received a lifesaving bilateral lung transplant. In the ensuing years she has lived in Lincoln, California where she has become a recreational runner to regain strength after many years of inactivity due to her illness.

As a volunteer and board member with FieldHaven Feline Center, Scout has pledged to run 1 mile for each $1,000 that FieldHaven receives in BIG Day of Giving donations, up to 20 miles throughout the day.

Scout will begin her challenge at 6:00 AM at the FieldHaven MarketPlace at 454 F Street in Lincoln. Anyone is invited to run, walk, bike, roller skate or ride horses along with Scout in support of her goal. Join us at the Marketplace for the fun on May 3rd!

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