Kids Helping Cats

Kids Helping Cats

At Twin Oaks Elementary School, students Chase and Noah chose FieldHaven as their
community service learning project.

February was a very busy month for our Ambassador Kitty Champy. On top of his full time job overseeing (as best he can) his Catfe, he was the star attraction at two different school presentations. Antelope Creek Elementary School and Twin Oaks Elementary School in Rocklin chose FieldHaven to be the beneficiary of their hard work.

Antelope Creek Elementary School Leadership Class chose FieldHaven as this year’s fundraising recipient. Joy and Champy (pictured above) visit the school to accept the donation.

Every year, thirty students in the leadership class at Antelope Creek Elementary School collectively choose a cause or organization to support. Together, they also decide how they will raise these funds. After their teacher spoke with them about how helpful FieldHaven had been when she contacted us for much needed help and advice about feral cats, it was unanimous: FieldHaven was their choice!

The students decided they would make cat-themed bookmarks to sell. A design was agreed upon and the students colored, laminated, and sold each one for $2.00 a piece. Family, friends, neighbors, and other members of the community purchased these artistic bookmarks to benefit our kitties.

On Tuesday, February 9, Joy Smith, Scout Valentine, and the Guest of Honor, Champy, were invited to the school to accept the donation from the students. After a brief exchange of stories, the kids couldn’t wait any longer and excitedly handed Joy a handful of cash totaling $512! We were overwhelmed with their huge donation. Thank you, Antelope Creek Elementary! The entire story was detailed on KCRA 3 Common Ground Program.

Antelope Creek student proudly shows off the a bookmark used for the FieldHaven fundraising.

The 5th grade students at Twin Oaks Elementary School also completed community service learning projects that took them several months. Each student selected a unique project they wanted to accomplish. Students Chase and Noah both chose FieldHaven to be the beneficiary of their hard work. Chase researched and then hand-made unique cat toys to sell at FieldHaven’s Marketplace. She also made a generous cash donation from the proceeds of selling many of the toys herself. Noah decided that he, with supervision from his mom, would be responsible for several months of Saturday morning kitty responsibilities at Champy’s Catfe. Thank you so much Chase and Noah!

Champy and Joy attended the open house where the students showcased their causes explaining how they carried out their chosen projects. Of course, Champy joined in the fun and was quite the star.

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