Plan B for the BIG Day of Giving

Plan B for the BIG Day of Giving

BIG Day of Giving is Extended to 3PM on May 4!

Please don’t let the flurry of Big Day of Giving emails prevent you from contributing to FieldHaven.

For the past 6 months we have been preparing for this huge day of celebrating and fundraising with great enthusiasm and energy.

It was so discouraging when early today the donor portal for all 570+ participating non-profit organizations in the greater Sacramento area went down and brought the gift-giving to a near halt.

At 4:00 pm the leadership at Big Day of Giving held a press conference informing us they were halting any further efforts to restore the donor portal and advised all participating organizations to encourage supporters to pledge donations through their individual website portals.

In an effort to re-engage supporters, and hopefully recoup the potential lost donations, they extended the BIG Day of Giving until 3 pm tomorrow, May 4th.

Many of you have already made your donations and we genuinely thank you.

If you were not able to complete your transaction please consider making a donation by one of the following methods:

    • Make a donation on our website via PayPal or a Credit Card.
    • Drop by one of our locations to make a donation in person: (10 AM – 5 PM)
      • FieldHaven Shelter – 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln
      • Snap it Up Thrift Store – 590 McBean Parkway, Lincoln
      • FieldHaven Marketplace – 454 F Street, Lincoln
    • Mail a check to FieldHaven Feline Center, 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648
    • Call us at (916) 434-6022 to charge by credit card over the phone.

It’s been a frustrating and disappointing day for everyone. But the kitties still need us so we’re slurping up more coffee, doing a quick stretch and digging back into the campaign. After all, what’s one more sleepless night when the lives of so many wonderful cats and kittens are depending on us.

We hope you haven’t given up on us and will still pledge your support.

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