Goodbye to My Aunt Jen

Goodbye to My Aunt Jen

Hello to all of my loyal fan club members.

I know that it has been a while since I actually wrote a report, but I have been enjoying my semi-retirement. First off, I would like to share some news that all of us felines learned last week. My beloved aunt Jen Paul has chosen to leave FieldHaven for a while so that she can recharge herself. Both Lindy and I, being the senior cats here at the shelter, decided to go and discuss this news with aunt Jen. Aunt Jen reassured us that she is just tired and needs to take a break for a while, and gave us her solemn feline word that when she is ready, she will be back.

I, for one, can say that FieldHaven will not be the same without her. Aunt Jen has worked very hard for ten years in helping make FieldHaven as special as it is today.

Before Jen left, she took me aside and said, “Remember, young lady, I want you to be on your best feline behavior while I am gone and especially nice towards your favorite uncle Jared. I am counting on you, Hot Rod. Don’t let me down.”

I promised her that I would do my best.

Hot Rod

UPDATE: Stop the presses! I am sad to say that my old sparring partner, Lindy, has passed away. She also had a very large fan club made of volunteers and staff members. On that note, I want to say that my fan club is much larger because I am Hot Rod. I know that Lindy and I were never the best of friends, but I can say that she will be missed by all of us, even me.

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