Bracken and Brichelle

Bracken and Brichelle

Hello to all of my friends and supporters.

Last month, I let everyone know that I was going into semi-retirement. Recently, my favorite uncle, Jared, was out at FieldHaven taking some pictures. My favorite uncle and I always look absolutely stunning together! I have always been a very beautiful kitty and these pictures show that nothing has changed over the years – I am still a fox!

Uncle Jared also got some good pictures of my staff mom’s two dogs. Here are my two cents on them. Bracken is the big brother to Brichelle. Now, I have known Bracken ever since I was a kitten and he is one of the most easy-going big dogs I have ever met. For a dog as big as he to feel confident enough to allow himself to be pushed around by all of the kitties here at the ranch is an amazing sight to see. I know that he has had a lot of training from my staff mom to be this way, but it has worked. In my book, that makes Bracken pretty special. He is a true gentle giant and all of us felines love him for this. The staff members and all of the volunteers love him a lot also.

Brichelle is his younger sister. Her birthday is on January 20 and she will be two years old. Brichelle is turning into a pretty good big dog in her own right. She has lots of training from my staff mom and she also has a great mentor in her big brother Bracken. I feel Brichelle can be a little too pushy at times, but as I said she is just two years old and she is learning. I think that the greatest lesson that she could learn from her older brother is patience and Bracken has mentioned to me that he is working on teaching her this lesson. At times, though, Bracken has jokingly asked if I have an extra jackhammer laying around to help get some lessons in Brichelle’s head. Brichelle is also loved by all of the staff and volunteers as well.

I guess that is all for now.

Purrfully yours,
Hot Rod

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