My Personal Chew Toy

My Personal Chew Toy

Hello to all of my loyal FieldHaven fans and supporters. This none other than the Princess of FieldHaven, Hottie.

Hot Rod wearing a tiara that says "Princess."I still say that I should be promoted to Queen of FieldHaven, but as Uncle Jared has said many times, I am never going to be Queen of FieldHaven because of my temper. I am now taking this debate to my loyal fans and supporters, so if any of you want to side with me, then please drop us a line!

As of right now, I am being boarded at Banfield again, because my staff mom Jann is out of town again. Before leaving, I found out from my staff mom and a few volunteers that Uncle Jared was nominated Volunteer of the Year for FieldHaven for 2013. I am very proud of him for this honor, but I do feel that he should share the credit with me. I mean, if it weren’t for me and my antics, then there is no way (in my humble opinion) he would have been nominated.

Jared holding his prize for being Volunteer of the Year.I also was informed that Uncle Jared came up with a new nickname for me at the volunteer party. My new nickname is “Resident Evil,” which I very much resent! I will admit that I have a slight temper and can be a little difficult to get along with at times, but Resident Evil?

I heard that my old sparring partner Zuma (that wimp) came down to congratulate Jared on being nominated volunteer of the year. I also heard that he and Jared were having at least a few laughs at my expense. Zuma actually had the guts to say “that nickname fit [me] like a glove.” Of course, he said this on a day when I was not there. Uncle Jared then asked Zuma that since he felt this way, would he mind siding with him the following Monday when I found out about the new nickname. Well, Zuma (the big sissy) then remembers that he might have a lot of exploring on that day, so basically Uncle Jared was on his own. I understand how Zuma feels – I kicked his sorry butt so many times he is now kind of like my personal chew toy.

I guess that is all for now, but I will write again soon.

Hot Rod

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