The Other Shoe Drops

The Other Shoe Drops

Meow! For all of you mere humans who do not speak feline, that means, “Hi to all of my friends.” It is none other than your favorite FieldHaven kitty, Hot Rod.

First of all, I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and let you know how much I love you all!

I have been on a pretty good stretch of good behavior (at least two or three weeks), probably more than that – I have sort of lost count. I am getting bored with being so good to my favorite uncle. I brought this subject up to a mutual volunteer friend and she almost gave me another world-class talking to (lecture, big yawn). I then explained to the mutual friend that I can feel one of my evil moods coming shortly towards Uncle Cheapskate (um, I mean Uncle Jared).

I have been seriously lacking in the cat treat department. The staff keeps telling other volunteers that they have enough treats to last for a while. This should not have prevented Uncle Jared from sneaking a couple of bags in and feeding them just to me. Now, do not get me wrong: it is not just the lack of cat treats that might lead to one of my moods. Even Uncle Jared is waiting for my tough cat personality to make another appearance. He calls it “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” He just is not used to me being this much of a sweet kitty for so long. Whenever I act up, he always lets me know that my favorite aunt, Lori, is going to be hearing about my naughty actions in yet another report.

Even you have to admit that after a while, hearing so many stories about how good I am can become very boring for all of my fans!

Merry Christmas,
Hot Rod

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