A Clean Getaway

A Clean Getaway

Hi, everyone! This is the one and only Princess of FieldHaven again.

I just got back earlier this week from being boarded again because my staff mom had to be out of town. Thanks a lot, staff mom!

Last Monday, Uncle Jared came to visit me at the vet’s office. I kept trying to get the point across to him that I wanted to go awol (escape) and I needed his help. He let me know that with all the staff members at the vet’s office right there, it would be tough to make a clean getaway. Uncle Jared also told me that my favorite aunt Lori Kelly might try to stop by later in the week. I asked Uncle not to let her know about my escape plans. The reason for this was that I was planning to talk her into the same escape plan, and with her fast Pontiac, my plan would be much easier to accomplish. I had visions of Aunt Lori and me being like Thelma and Louise in the movie, and I didn’t even care which one of us was Thelma.

When Aunt Lori did stop by to visit, she let me know that my Benedict Arnold traitor of an uncle (this is completely my opinion) had told her of my plan to escape. She said this simply was not going to happen. I asked her if at least we could discuss the subject, but she said she stood by her decision. I really wish that Uncle Jared would learn to keep some things between him and me.

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