Can It, Shorty

Can It, Shorty

I told you in the last report that I had had some trouble getting along with my favorite uncle, Jared. Well, my favorite aunt, Lori, found out about the trouble that I had been causing and she made a special visit to FieldHaven that week. She was coming in just as I was being escorted out by a volunteer, so Aunt Lori asks the volunteer, “Who is the kitty that is being let outside?” The volunteer responds that it is none other than Hot Rod. Aunt Lori then says, “If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to speak privately with Hot Rod,” so the volunteer hands me over.

Now at first, I tried to avoid the subject that I knew that Aunt Lori had on her mind. I even said that it was nice to see her because I had not seen her in a while. This stalling tactic was working right up until Aunt Lori told me, “Can it, Shorty! We both know why I am here and how much trouble you are in with me.” I then tried to explain my side of the problems between Uncle Jared and me, and I told her that he was not completely innocent in these battles. She simply refused to buy my side of the story. At this point, I finally decided to shut my mouth and let her get on with her lecture, but before she started, I asked if she could have someone bring me a blanket and pillow just in case I felt the need for a nap during the lecture. This just led to more yelling by my favorite aunt. I really need to learn to use my head and think about the things that I say before I say them.

Aunt Lori started off by saying how much she loved me, but I needed to remember that Uncle Jared is a close friend of hers and she did not approve of how I had been treating him. She reminded me that we had already had this discussion a couple of years ago, but maybe it was time for me to have a reminder. Aunt Lori then told me that I needed to apologize to Uncle and the sooner this was done the better.

The following Monday, I made it a point to patch things up with Uncle. I promised him that I would work on being more of the sweet Hot Rod that he knows and loves. I happened to have my staff mom’s cell phone again and later that night I got a call from Aunt Lori. She just wanted to let me know that she had heard that I had patched things up with Uncle Jared and she was very proud of me.

Hot Rod

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