Tired of the Heat

Tired of the Heat

Hello, everyone! This is none other than the feline princess of FieldHaven, Hot Rod.

First of all, I have to admit that with all of the hot weather we have been having this past month, I have not exactly been the nicest kitty at FieldHaven. What I mean by that is this heat has caused to me lose my temper with a few felines this past month.

Unfortunately, uncle Jared has been a witness to most of these fights and he has not been thrilled with my actions. This has lead to more fights between Uncle Jared and me. He keeps wondering, “Where is that sweet kitty I know named Hot Rod? I sure miss her!” My response to this has been two-fold. First, maybe if he increased my treat allowance then he might see more of my sweet personality. Second, I am really tired of all of this heat!

I have been trying very hard to talk my staff mom Jann Flannagan into the two us (Zuma is not invited) going on a nice cool vacation. Two of the vacation sites I have brought up to her are Hawaii and Disneyland. My staff mom has pointed out that those are not exactly cool weather places at this time of year. My rebuttal to this statement was that she had to admit that they might not be the coolest places in the nation, but we would have a lot of fun.

Finally, after a lot of convincing, my staff mom promised me that if I could somehow come up with the money for both of us to go, then she would see what she could do. The first person I went to talk to about donating was my favorite uncle Jared, but he claims that he is a little short of money himself at this time. I asked him if he felt like working a little overtime at Walmart to kind of raise money for my vacation. That idea did not go over well with my Uncle Jared. If anyone feels like donating to my vacation fund, then it would be very much appreciated.

Hot Rod

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