Cat Food for Brains

Cat Food for Brains

I want to tell you about an incident that occurred recently.

Sirod is a 14-year-old Bengal and is a shelter-mate of mine. He hated being locked up in his cage all day and complained constantly and loudly. A few volunteers, including Uncle Jared, began taking him on walks around the ranch. He hates wearing his halter and leash and is not shy about letting his walker know this. He has a very short temper.

On this day, Uncle Jared was taking Sirod for a walk. Suddenly, Sirod decided that the walk was over and basically dared Uncle to pick him up. Uncle had seen this side of him before and called out for help. Three of us come running to his aid – Julie, Scout, and me. Staff member Scout was able to get hold of Sirod and take him back to his cage.

Now, I will not allow any FieldHaven felines to cause Uncle grief. Uncle thanked me for trying to help with the situation but pointed out my small size was a disadvantage in dealing with a big guy like Sirod. I’ve taken on bigger cats and have never backed down. I quoted my favorite motto, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” and brought my front paws into a fighting stance. I then gave him a big hug.

When I confronted Sirod, he said, “Don’t be sticking your nose in my business. Next time, I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” I said he didn’t scare me, all he had to do was to pick a day. The next time Sirod saw Uncle, he told him about the confrontation, and Uncle defended me, but after he dealt with Sirod, he came to me, saying, “Shorty, do you have cat food for brains? Don’t challenge Sirod again, I don’t care who starts it.”

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