Hello, FieldHaven friends!

I am being boarded at Bear River Vet Clinic. I need to chat with Aunt Jen about putting a book in my travel bag when I’m being boarded. It’s boring being in a cage all day. Thankfully, I’ll get to go home this week. Aunt Maureen and Uncle Frank will have the privilege of driving me back home.

I now have a new nickname: “Shorty.” This makes it very easy for me to figure out when I am in trouble with Uncle Jared. When I am not in trouble, it’s “Shorty,” always in a loving way, but when he is not pleased with me, it’s “HOT ROD!” This is usually my cue to find a good hiding place, and quick. I got a chance to meet Uncle Jared’s mom a few weeks ago! She kept saying that I’m beautiful. She was a very nice lady. She said she had come with Uncle Jared just to meet the famous Hot Rod.

Later on that day, I was napping on a shelf in Aunt Jen’s office while Uncle Jared searched all over FieldHaven Ranch to bring me inside for the day. I thought this was funny! He passed right by me while looking for me and he just did not notice me. Luckily, I didn’t get in trouble this time, even though I did laugh at him. I pointed out that there are times when he’s just not the sharpest crayon in the box. I actually got away with saying this!

Uncle Jared was not able to come on the following Monday and he asked Aunt Jen and a couple of volunteers to keep an eye on me, making sure that I stayed out of trouble. They later let him know that I was “purrfect.” Later in the week, he drove me to Bear River and he told me how proud he was of my behavior that Monday. I don’t get many compliments from Uncle Jared, so when I do, I know he really means them.

Hot Rod

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