Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

As you know, there was no November blog post. Knowing Thanksgiving greetings would be sent instead, Uncle Jared asked Maureen Moss to break this news to me. He was too “chicken” to deal with my temper. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my Favorite Uncle Jared, but it would not hurt him to be a bit more courageous in his dealings with me. I’ve been known to keep my cool; this could have been one of those rare times.

On another note, I happened to have come across my staff mom Jann’s cell phone last Sunday night. It is a good thing, because I intercepted a call from Johanna Meinking, a FieldHaven staff member, and she told me that Uncle Jared’s birthday was the next day.

On Monday, Uncle Jared arrived two hours later than usual. I asked what the holdup was, and he said that one of his best friends had been in town and wanted to treat him to lunch for his birthday. I asked if this was the same friend who made him late for our visits in the past, and he said that it was. I reminded him that Mondays should be devoted to waiting on me hand and paw, and this running late stuff needs to stop. He let me know that I was out of line, and then he showed me the cat treats. I apologized and wished him a “happy birthday.”

I’ve asked for my own cell phone for Christmas. Uncle Jared acted as a go-between, talking to staff mom Jann. She keeps denying me this one small request, saying that Uncle Jared will have to pay for it. I guess it’s a no-go for now.

Wishing you all the best of holidays,
Hot Rod

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