Beautiful Portrait

Beautiful Portrait

Meow. This is Hot Rod.

This has been quite an eventful month for your old FieldHaven pal. First of all, we had our big fundraising event on September 11. I talked with Aunt Joy and she said the fundraiser went well. I tried to find out how much money was made, and all she would tell me was that the amount will come in handy for constructing our new shelter.

Speaking of the fundraiser, I found out from Aunt Jen that Uncle Jared asked his artist friend, Pam Burns, to paint a picture of me for the live auction, and Aunt Jen’s husband, Ray, bought it for her. This was the first time that Pam had painted a portrait of a cat, and it turned out to be a beautiful portrait. Of course, it did – look who the subject was! How could she go wrong! I should be allowed to take half of the credit for the painting.

I had to be boarded up at Bear River Vet Clinic for ten days because staff mom Jann was going out of town again. Afterward, Uncle Jared brought me back to FieldHaven, and I was pretty tired on the drive back. Once home again, I was my old “Hottie” self. I went up to my staff mom and she gave me a “welcome home” hug. I was so happy to be back! Uncle Jared and I are getting along much better these days even though every once in a while I might lose my cool and lash out at him. He always lets me know right then and there to watch how I treat him. He nicely reminds me of this, but I always get reprimanded.

I’m getting pretty sleepy, so I guess that is all for now.

Hot Rod

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