Quality Time

Quality Time

Hello from Wheatland to all of my sponsors!

It’s me, Hot Rod, the smartest and best-looking kitty at FieldHaven. I’ve been boarded at a vet’s for most of the week and will be going home soon!

A few weeks ago, Uncle Jared was at FieldHaven earlier than usual on his regular Monday. He came to clean a large load of litter pans and cat cages. As a rule, Uncle Bob does this, but he was in Tennessee at the time. After Uncle Jared transported the first load of carriers to the back of the trailer for cleaning, I felt it was now time that he spend some quality time with me. This involves much petting and many deserved compliments. I finally persuaded him to sit on the grass with me, even though he still had more cleaning to do. I felt that this was a more important use of his time, and so we sat together for 10 minutes. him petting, me purring. This meant a lot to both of us.

I now have to share my outside privileges with two other cats (Noodles and Bast). Noodles is a solid black cat, very friendly. She is about my size. Bast is a portly grey cat who weighs in at a little over twenty-one pounds. He also loves people. He has his own personal trainer, another FieldHaven volunteer named Johanna. She is very fond of Bast.

During my visit with Uncle Jared on that Monday, he let me know that he was heading to Idaho for a week at the end of the month. I will miss him!

I’m off to bed now. Thanks again for your love and support. I am sending you much love in return.

Hot Rod

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