Hello and Happy Easter to all of my FieldHaven sponsors and friends!

At this time, I am spending time with staff mom Jann, Aunt Joy, and Uncle Preston at the 30-year celebration of Red Rock Hounds, a horse-person’s club in Nevada. They call this celebration “March Madness,” and it’s more exhilarating and fun than the college basketball playoffs. I’ll be able to watch all of the excitement from my perch in staff mom Jann’s horse trailer.

They’ll be going on seven “hunts” with their horses over an 8-day period. This modern-day version of the traditional fox hunt is more focused on coyotes and involves a group of hounds with super-sensitive noses scouting out the scent of a coyote. When they find the scent they follow it at a very fast pace with all the horses and riders following at a brisk gallop until the scent disappears. That usually happens when the coyote has climbed a mountain or leaped onto some rocks or some other high place. I hate to admit it, but I’m not a big fan of those coyotes and wish they would catch them or at least chase them far, far away from all us kitties. Those coyotes, unfortunately, are far too smart to get caught!

I mentioned Uncle Jared’s new cat friend, Blackie Sparks, in my last report to you. Well, Blackie has been adopted. The same thing happened when I told you about Sunny: Sunny found a forever home shortly thereafter.  No more free advertising. I’ve been here over two years and I’m still waiting for my “forever home.” Maybe someday.

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