An Old Married Couple?

An Old Married Couple?

This is your old FieldHaven pal, Hot Rod.

In December, Aunt Joy had a big potluck dinner at her house for all of the volunteers.

Several announcements were made and I am very proud to announce that my uncle Jared was named “Volunteer of the Month” for November. He received this award for his Monday trailer duties and for being a big help to Aunt Jen, and for being my “translator,” telling my story in the monthly sponsor letters. Aunt Joy described our relationship, comparing us to an “old married couple.” I guess that means that we don’t always get along with each other.

My relationship with Uncle Jared is different than with other volunteers. For instance, I like to ride on Uncle Bob’s shoulder and will make my way from one shoulder to another. I don’t do this much with Uncle Jared for some reason. I love him, he is my “treat master,” but sometimes we just tend to butt heads. Uncle Jared will immediately put the blame on what he calls my “rotten, feisty attitude.” I was a different kitty when I first arrived at FieldHaven, but over time, being so loved by staff and volunteers has turned my head a bit.

Now for a little bit of adoption news. Sunny hit the jackpot and was adopted to a great new home. Another long time FieldHaven resident, Key West, was also adopted to a wonderful new home in January.

A belated “Happy Valentine’s Day” to you!
Hot Rod

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