Just a Trailer Cat

Just a Trailer Cat

I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

Last year held some changes for me. My outdoor rompings were suddenly cut off. It was my own fault, I guess. When it came time to express my bladder, I’d run and hide, climb on the roof, and do anything to avoid it. It was finally decided that my days of being outdoors, being the “greeter cat” at FieldHaven, were not worth the hassle of rounding me up to take care of this. I am now a trailer cat like the rest of them. I really don’t mind it on these wet and windy winter days. I am warm and dry and my food is a few steps away.

The other drastic (there’s no other word to describe it) change was the ban on kitty treats for me. I’ve always been able to charm my way into the volunteers’ hearts and the treats were plentiful and so good! However, they were taking a toll on my health, so I was given turkey and chicken as a substitute. These are not even close in flavor to my favorite “Temptations” or other tantalizing morsels. There’s only the satisfaction that none of the others have their treats prepared especially for them.

Many of my good friends found forever homes during the year and I am so happy for them. This could have been beneficial for me, too. Having the population here reduced could result in more of everything for me, but they keep bringing in more replacements!

I wonder what this year will bring my way? I hope it brings you the best of everything, and I thank you for sponsoring me!

Hot Rod

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