Where’s the Barbecue Sauce?

Where’s the Barbecue Sauce?

Hot Rod inside of her cat tower.Merry Christmas to all of my fans and supporter! This is your favorite FieldHaven kitty, Hot Rod.

I got a phone call from my aunt Justine Anderson and she wanted to let me know that it was my favorite uncle’s birthday. I just want to take this time to wish Uncle Jared a very happy birthday.

Lincoln News Messenger was out at FieldHaven last Monday and they did an article on some of the FIV+ cats that we have here. Sunny was bragging about how he got his picture taken being held by his best pal, who just happens to be my favorite Uncle Jared. Sunny was saying how his picture would be in the Lincoln paper for this week. Funny thing that when the Lincoln News Messenger came, I read the whole article and nowhere in that article was there a picture of Sunny, but there was a nice story that mentions all the work that FieldHaven does and all the hard work that goes into placing FIV+ kitties in new forever homes.

In my last post, I let you know that I was no longer going to be receiving cat treats and that the substitution would be boiled chicken and turkey. I mentioned how I was looking forward to being given people food as a snack. To tell you the truth, boiled chicken and turkey are very dry. I talked to my staff my mom Jann about this and asked her if she could buy me some sweet-tasting barbecue sauce to help add to the flavor. Well, her response was not only was I spoiled rotten to the core, but I had also become completely crazy. Ok, I guess that means the barbecue sauce is out of the question for now, but I will bring it up to her at another time.

My staff mom also let me know that I would have to be boarded again at Dr. Jyl’s beginning December 9, because she would be out of town. In case I miss you, I want to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season and I just ask that you all stay safe and well.

Hot Rod

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