Boiled Chicken

Boiled Chicken

Hi everyone! This is your old pal, Hot Rod.

I have been a pretty sick little kitty this past couple of weeks. I had a really bad case of diarrhea and I even had to spend a considerable amount of time at Dr. Jyl’s. My staff mom told me later on that my little visit to Dr. Jyl’s had cost FieldHaven a pretty penny (actually quite a few pretty pennies). She said that she and my aunt Jen had been talking and had decided that because of my recent illness I would no longer be receiving cat treats, but instead I would be receiving pieces of boiled chicken and turkey (the real stuff).

I admit that I had a small problem giving up my kitty treats (even though I never did get enough of them), but when my staff mom mentioned what my replacement would be, I have to admit that I did not complain at all. Better yet, this real boiled chicken and turkey is for me and me alone (I have my own name on the container where it is kept). The bottom line is that I do not have to share my new treats with anyone and don’t worry: I won’t.

I told my uncle Jared today that I demanded that he write this post before Thanksgiving or he would be in big big trouble with me. I also let him know that if he thought of postponing his next visit because he was not able to get this post out in time, then the next time I did see him, he would be in even more trouble with me. I reminded him of how tough he has seen me be with some of the other cats and I let him know that I am more then capable of showing that toughness towards him if I have to.

Last but not least, I want to wish all of my adoring FieldHaven supporters a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love you all very much so stay safe out there.

Hot Rod

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