A Snowball Fight Victory

A Snowball Fight Victory

Hi guys! This is the one and the only, the feline princess Hot Rod of FieldHaven.

I want to clear the air about a story that my uncle Jared has been spreading around. Yes, I admit that I have had a few problems getting along with my young friend Darby as of late. I also admit that I might have been the cause of the problem between us a couple of Mondays ago, but these fights are not just one-sided. Darby is very pushy when it comes to a cat treat and he knows full well that I am not someone that he should be getting pushy with!

I do have an explanation for my actions. As my staff mom Jann has said to my uncle Jared many times before, I have always been a spoiled brat. Well, I’m here to say I do not plan on changing things now. Even as a kitten when I first arrived at FieldHaven, I was given just about anything my heart has desired by both the staff and by volunteers as well. The gifts have ranged from tons of attention and compliments on how beautiful and special I am, to my own personal sleeping quarters for several months which I hate to say has now been inherited by Darby (that is not right, that is just plain not right). The bottom line is that all brothers and sisters fight occasionally. Darby and I are no exception: I am his big sister and he is my little brother. Sometimes we might not get along, but all in all, we do love one another.

This past weekend, I was able to go up to Reno with my staff mom again and I got to play with a few cats up there in the snow. I even had my first ever snowball fight. These three other cats where I was staying were saying how rough and tough they were in a snowball fight. The leader cat was a tuxedo kitty named Maxwell, who was part Main Coon, and his two orange tabby friends named Scooter and Daniel.

They made a huge mistake when Maxwell asked me: “Hey Princess, have you ever been in a snowball fight?” I told them that I had never been a snowball fight. This when Maxwell made his big mistake: he got his two other buddies together and convinced them that the princess (me) should get her butt kicked in a snowball fight by the three of them. He then let them know that this should be easy to do. I calmly and confidently let Maxwell know that if he felt like backing up his talk then to just name the time.

Maxwell was so gutless that he made me face-off with his two friends first before I was allowed to have a snowball fight with him. This first snowball fight took a grand total of about a minute and a half. By the end, Scooter and Daniel had gotten their feline butts kicked thoroughly by me, so they both decided to run and find a safe hiding place. After I was done teaching those two felines a lesson, I then went looking for their spineless leader. I then told Maxwell that I just got through kicking the feline butts of his two friends and now it was time that he back up what he was saying before with his actions. At this time, my staff mom Jann came into the tack so Maxwell started crying to her that I had been threatening to beat him up in a snowball fight, but when I got through telling her the whole story (the truth), Jann told Maxwell that he was on his own. I’ll admit that Maxwell was a little bit tougher than I thought he might be in a snowball fight. He actually lasted a grand total of two minutes – thirty seconds longer than his two friends – but he still got his butt kicked in that snowball fight by me. Maxwell did come up to me later on and complimented me on my toughness and my snowball fighting skills. He also said that I had taught him a lesson, which was not to underestimate anyone.

Later on, as we were about to leave Reno, my staff mom gave me several pets on the head and told me how proud she was of how well I handled the situation with the three cats in the tack room. It took us over five hours to get home from Reno and by the time we got home, I had so much pent up energy I just had to run around the ranch for a couple of hours.

This is Hot Rod, signing off for now.

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