Greetings from Reno

Greetings from Reno

Hello to all of my FieldHaven friends and supporters.

At this time, I am stranded in Reno with my staff mom. We cannot get back to FieldHaven because of the all of this white stuff (snow). I decided that I needed to place a collect call to my favorite uncle, Jared. He did not mind picking up the charges, but he did whine about the fact that I was calling him after midnight and he had to be getting up and going to work in a few hours. I just told him that this was the first time I had a free moment and was not being watched by my staff mom.

Well, I have some big news to share with you:

1) My old adversary, Saber, has been adopted by a lady named Linda who helps my aunt Jen with computer work. You cannot believe how happy I was to hear this! Here is an example of my happiness: A couple of days after Saber was adopted, I was in such a good mood over the news that I ended up doing a backflip off the adult cattery roof. I actually thought it was a pretty good stunt. Unfortunately, two things happened that made me look not so smart (this is a first for me). First, with all of the rain that we had been having that week, the adult cattery roof was a little bit wet and in jumping, I kind of missed my target, but I ended up landing in a rather large mud puddle. I did not think this was such a big mistake, but this brings me to the second thing: my staff mom Jann saw the whole performance and did not feel the same way I did. I tried to explain to her that I was just so happy that Saber found a great new home – a little white lie, which she saw right through. After she cleaned me up, she let me know that I was in for a good old-fashioned talking to. Jann told me: “No more backflips off of the adult cattery roof until you are sure to hit your intended target.” I thought about asking her how I could be sure to hit my intended target when she didn’t want me practicing this stunt in the first place…but I decided just to keep my mouth shut and perhaps practice my stunt when no one is around.

2) On the same day that Saber was adopted, I found out that my old pal Darby (formerly known as Rice Cake) was placed in a foster home while he recovers from an injury to his rear end. When Darby left, he had to wear one of those plastic cones around his neck to keep him from touching the wound on his butt. I begged my uncle Jared to get a picture of Darby before he left for his foster home. I really wanted to have a picture of Darby wearing this cone around his neck so I could tease him about it later, but my uncle Jared claimed that he had left his camera at home. This is not fair! Every time I even breathed in the past uncle Jared took my picture and the one time I want to have a picture of Darby to make fun of him with later, Jared tells me that he has forgotten his trusty camera at home. Seems rather convenient.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Biagi for the trial adoption and I hope this works out for him. Maybe with Biagi being gone, there will be more food to go around for all of us other cats. It is a well-known fact with us FieldHaven felines that Biagi’s favorite thing to do was eat.

Before I forget, I want you to know that I was able to get my first chance at skiing during this trip to Reno. Staff mom Jann brought the hounds along and we all had a lot of fun on the slopes. You need to picture the hounds – they were able to make a kind of slingshot with a seat on it. Whenever I wanted to go down the slopes again, all that I would have to is to sit in the slingshot seat and the hounds would then pull back on the slingshot as hard as they could and then all of the sudden let go and I would be off down the slopes at a speed of close to 100 miles an hour. I am thinking about asking my staff mom to see if the Olympic ski team could use a skier like myself (that is how good I was). It was so fun, it may have been a dream – I am getting a little sleepy.

This is Hot Rod, signing off for now.

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