92 + 67 = 0: Life Saving Results of FieldHaven’s SNAP Program

92 + 67 = 0: Life Saving Results of FieldHaven’s SNAP Program

FieldHaven’s Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) was introduced in early 2005, when FieldHaven was awarded a grant by the Community Foundation of Lincoln. The purpose of the grant is to use the funds to assist the residents of Lincoln with spaying and neutering of feral and stray cats and providing education on the importance of addressing the issue of animal overpopulation.

Results: The first 12 months of the program provided spay/neuter surgery for 159 cats (92 females and 67 males). Additionally, education was provided by counseling caregivers on the management of stray and feral colonies. Youth education was provided through FieldHaven’s youth volunteer program and hosting educational sessions at the shelter for several scouting groups.

Impact: Based on the accepted formula that each female cat will produce 2.8 surviving kittens in each litter at the rate of two litters per year, the SNAP has essentially prevented hundreds of unwanted births in the first 12 months of the program. The table below provides statistics on the prevented births over a 3-year timeline. Surviving female kittens are factored into the statistics.

Conclusion: All of us at FieldHaven are proud of the success of this program and look forward to reporting even more dramatic results in the future. The community support and appreciation is demonstrated by the numerous letters of gratitude we have received from program recipients. Our thanks to the Community Foundation for helping us to start SNAP!

Feral cat births prevented in the first 12 months of the SNAP program

Female Cats Potential Year 1 Births Potential Year 2 Births Potential Year 3 Births
92 515 2,597 13,087

Please start chanting “Spay and Neuter” to all your friends and family. Refer them to FieldHaven for low cost programs in their areas.

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