Mature Cats for Mature People

Mature Cats for Mature People

FieldHaven Feline Rescue is introducing an exciting new program: Mature Cats for Mature People, aimed at placing homeless adult cats into loving homes with seniors. We will partner with seniors and senior care facilities to match friendly felines with senior feline fanatics. The health benefits of pet ownership are now widely recognized by the medical community. Research supports evidence that pets can be especially beneficial to the elderly. They reduce loneliness, lower blood pressure, facilitate cancer recovery and, in many cases, simply provide a reason for living, so take care of your health and adopt a kitty!

Here are highlights of the Mature Cats for Mature People program:

  • Mature Cats are six (6) years or older; Mature People are at least 60.
  • All cats eligible for MCMP are up to date on vaccinations have had a health exam and have been evaluated for appropriate temperament.
  • FieldHaven volunteers will work with your residents to make the best possible match for adoption, including a trial period.
  • If the adopter is unable to travel to FieldHaven, we will bring several adoptables to your location.
  • Our standard $75 adoption fee is waived.

Pictured Below: Ynes, a FieldHaven Mature Cat, with her family at Montclair Villa Senior Care. Ynes won “Best Costume” at the Halloween Party – she dressed as a Black Cat!

2 thoughts on “Mature Cats for Mature People”

  1. Beverly Vanbell says:

    I am 85 and live alone. I would love to adopt a sweet cat to keep me company.

    1. FieldHaven Feline Center says:

      Hi Beverly! Thank you for reaching out to us. I have forwarded your info to our adoption team. Thank you!

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