Mature Cats for Mature People

WANTED! Lovable Grownups to Experience Our Prime of Life Together

FieldHaven Feline Center will waive the adoption fee for our mature (6 years and older) cats when the adopter is also mature (65+, but we won’t card you). Our program is based on the scientific evidence that pets increase the quality and often quantity of life for humans. We want to put that theory into test by offering our adoption program at no-cost to mature adults.

These experienced, understanding, and warm felines are seeking lifelong relationships with loving, grown-up folks. They enjoy long, cozy naps, leisurely meals, birdwatching, humming to “oldies” music (purring), and occasional low-impact sports, such as ball-rolling, chase-the-string, and fly-fishing.

Some may be a little “set in their ways” and prefer monogamous relationships, where they don’t like to share you with others of their kind.

Others are really laid back and enjoy an occasional tussle with those young kids — they can teach them a thing or two! They are beyond those silly midnight kitten antics and would much rather share a relaxing snuggle with you while you enjoy a good book or an old movie.

Of course, they are all spayed/neutered, so no unwanted kitties will be part of the relationship!

An elderly couple with an adoptable mature cat.

Adoption Fee: $50.00 per cat