Will You Help Pete? Yes, THE Pete.

Will You Help Pete? Yes, THE Pete.

Happy Giving Tuesday! We are so excited for today because we love our village, and we know you’ll come together to help FieldHaven and all the cats and kittens whose lives we save.

That being said…Pete is back. He returned just in time for Thanksgiving, but his journey is not over, and he once again needs our—and your—help. Dare we say… he has way more than 9 lives, and he is worth it!

Donate to Pete

Let’s back up. Pete, as you may recall, came to FieldHaven in June 2021, and was initially diagnosed with megaesophagus. Ultimately, we discovered he had laryngeal paralysis, a condition rare to cats but common to horses so thankfully, we were familiar with it! Pete thrived after his special tieback surgery (one side of the larynx is tied back so that air can flow more freely into the lungs) and was adored by everyone for his unique and endearing personality. He was quickly adopted. Then returned. This happened four times. No judgments, please, as they were all legitimate returns for various reasons.

Pete has currently been at FieldHaven since June. As always, he loves everyone and is the most affectionate guy we know.

Recently, Pete landed in the ER at UC Davis because of severe respiratory distress. He was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia, asthma, and a type of mycoplasma (an uncommon illness often associated with respiratory infections). Thankfully, their amazing vet team *did* confirm that his tieback surgery is still intact, which is great news.

Today, several days after Pete returned to FieldHaven, he’s on multiple antibiotics, requires a special diet, and does need to be heavily monitored, but overall, he is happy as ever to be given another chance. His eyes are sparkling, his attentiveness is on par, he’s chattier than ever, and his purr is strong… even though it’s a bit raspy. Pete knows he has more than 9 lives and he soaks that up every chance he gets!

Over two years ago we saved Pete even though some thought he shouldn’t be given the opportunity to live. Pete proved them wrong then and we have faith he will do it again—not to mention, if you know anything about us, you know that we value life and those who show us they want to be here, like Pete, get that chance. He *is* worth it.

Donate for Giving Tuesday

We have a special bond with Pete, and that is why Giving Tuesday is so important—this is your chance to give big or small because donations are matched up to $17,500. Every amount helps Pete and the many other cats who need us.

Will you give now to help Pete?

We are so grateful for so many things but right now we are most grateful to you for helping us give Pete one of his many lives back. Thank you so incredibly much for your support.

Match My Donation

Here’s how to help:

  • Donate online through this link. Donations are matched up to $17,500 through today!
  • Share this post to help get the word out, and post it in NextDoor, Ring Neighbors, and other community groups
  • Share posts from our Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you so very much!

P.S. While every amount matters and we would be honored to even get $10 from every single person, we can also use prayers, visions, good vibes and more—all of it helps Pete. Thank you so much for your unwavering kindness!

P.P.S. If you want to see more of Pete, head to this Facebook page! We’ve got videos and more of our daily routine.

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