Baby Bagel is Pretty Cute

Baby Bagel is Pretty Cute

We’re constantly trying to raise the bar to provide the best help to kittens who have no other option, so when we got the call about Baby Bagel, it was easy to say yes.

That also means that today, for Giving Tuesday, we are relying heavily on your support to help us save lives. The good news? Donations are matched up to $17,500 so today your donation goes farther!

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Baby Bagel was born on August 31. Her mom had wandered onto a property of a kind family who began caring for her just before she had kittens. But once the kittens were born, and seeing that Baby Bagel was a bit different, they reached out to FieldHaven for help.

We took in Baguette and her three kittens. Two of them appeared fine but Bagel looked to be suffering from Hydrocephalus. It’s the abnormal expansion of the ventricular system due to an increased volume of spinal fluid, which is why her head looks swollen and bigger than normal.

When Baby Bagel’s symptoms became worse, and she was unable to stand or walk, we knew we had to separate her to give her the specialized care she needed. It took a few weeks, but slowly Baby Bagel began doing better.

While her health stabilized, we noticed she was lonely. So, when we got another call for help for two small kittens with moderate Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that causes tremors and generally uncoordinated motion, we knew they would be the ideal playmates for Baby Bagel.

Lavender Haze and Midnight Rain immediately connected with Baby Bagel, and the most perfect little imperfect family was born. Today, these three don’t even recognize the physical challenges they face. They cuddle and play like any other kittens, love attention, make it known when they are hungry, and catnap in the most adorable places.

Baby Bagel, Lavender Haze, and Midnight Rain are still learning how to manage their conditions. They will remain in foster care for quite some time, but with the help of medications, physical guidance, and appropriate living spaces, they are thriving. The good news is they are safe and loved because we gave them a chance.

Donate for Giving Tuesday

We value life. We know that kittens like Baby Bagel, Lavender Haze, and Midnight Rain may not have had a future if we didn’t get that call. That’s why Giving Tuesday is so important. You enable us to say yes to tough cases, to give second chances and to save lives.

Will you donate right now to give these three the future they deserve?

Donations are matched up to $17,500, so your gift will make twice the impact on three incredible kittens.

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Thank you so much for loving cats just like we do. It shows with every donation we receive.

P.S. If you want to learn more about Hydrocephalus or Cerebellar Hypoplasia, let us know. Most cats are able to live happy, healthy lives with these conditions!

P.P.S Mama cat Baguette is available for adoption, and the other kittens are doing just fine!

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