Happy Adopt-a-Cat Month!

Happy Adopt-a-Cat Month!

Marketplace Donations Requested

FieldHaven Marketplace has grown so much this past year. We are breaking sales and adoption records which means more cats helped and saved! But we have a slight problem. We”re low on merchandise inventory! Our donations of really quality items aren’t quite keeping pace with our sales!

So… if you’re reorganizing, cleaning, restyling or just want to help, please consider donating the items you’re thinking of selling on that “other” Marketplace (Facebook Marketplace).

And, this isn’t just for those locally. Things like jewelry and other lightweight items can easily be shipped to us, so therefore you can donate and help the cats!

The only thing… be sure to check out this link to see which items we accept for donation, and the quality or condition we require to sell. We aren’t Goodwill, we are higher end thrift, so we strive for items in excellent condition.

Again, this is the link for donation questions, as well as our address so you can ship items directly. Thank you in advance!

Loss is Never Easy

About a month ago, on a Sunday morning, we set out on a special mission. An elderly woman had been placed in hospice care and was devastated to say goodbye to her kitties. She wanted to be sure they had a safe place to go and would be well cared for, and eventually, placed with another loving family. Through our Peace of Mind Cat Guardian Program, she did just that. It was heart-wrenching, to say the least. We are grateful to be entrusted with their care, but loss of any kind is never easy. Most of all, it’s always so hard on the cats. We do everything we can to ease this transition, but sometimes the cats sense what’s going on and resist. Such as the case with these kitties. Thankfully, they are doing better each day while they unwind as best they can at our shelter. They aren’t available for adoption yet, but if you would like to consider adding one or two of them to your family, don’t hesitate to reach out. Respond to this email and ask about Mom, Meg, Ebony, Ditto, Ziggy, and Bob, or as we have dubbed them, the Hospice Cats.

Miriam Says THANK YOU

You are AMAZING. We shared Miriam’s story earlier this week and asked for help… and you all jumped in head first! We needed to raise about $4,500 for her medical care, and we surpassed that! We are so thankful, as is Miriam, and her four kittens. If you missed her story, it’s posted on Facebook here, or you can just go back to your emails as we sent it just a few days ago. the good news is anything raised over and above will help other kitties just like her – those who are struggling with a medical condition or injury, because as you can imagine, there is never a shortage of feline fighters.

Joy’s Big Announcement

In case you missed it… As FieldHaven is celebrating its 20th year, we have become a robust organization with an exceptional team, making it the opportune time for change. That means it’s time for our fearless leader, Joy, to step back. We’ve begun a nationwide search for an accomplished, exceptional executive director, and Joy will become the Ambassador of FieldHaven. She’s simply relinquishing the business side of the organization, but rest assured, she’s not leaving. Join us in wishing her a preliminary congrats, and, if you know of anyone who is willing, and more importantly able, to take on the leadership of FieldHaven, share this link with them so they can find out more about the role and possibly apply!

And of course, we thank you, for your unconditional support of our lifesaving mission.

P.S. Stay tuned for another announcement about a big adoption event next week! With a goal to get our shy cats into loving, patient homes and kittens out of the shelter where they can grow up with you instead of with us, this event will be BIG. Start thinking about adding to your family, because it will happen next week!

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