12 Saves of Christmas – Nala – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #10

12 Saves of Christmas – Nala – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #10

12 Saves of Christmas – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #10: Nala

Each day, we will share one of FieldHaven’s 12 most heartwarming cat saves of 2020. Each happy story was made possible through your generosity!

One cold night in December, when Jessica arrived to feed the colony of 25 cats that she cares for in Marysville, she spotted a newcomer. A lovely long-haired calico cat who did not seem afraid of her – unlike the feral cats who always kept their distance.

Jessica kept an eye out for her and spotted her at the colony several more times. Now the cat was coming right up to her. Jessica called FieldHaven’s Hathaway Cat Resource Center’s and Jeanie spoke with her. She asked Jessica to bring Nala over so they could scan her for a microchip and hopefully reunite her with her family.

Unfortunately, there was no chip. She was a sweet girly who would be happier in a home. We kept the kitty at the center overnight and planned to find a foster home for her in the morning.

That night, Jeanie put the cat’s photo up on FieldHaven’s Facebook page, asking others to help spread the word in hopes that someone would recognize her as their lost cat.

By morning, the post was lit up with “We Found Her Owner!” and in the inbox a photo matching the found cat and a message from a woman named Ashleigh stating, “I think you found my Nala!” Ashleigh couldn’t believe Nala was found in Marysville; she lives in Yuba City.

In October, Ashleigh had gone into labor and had an emergency caesarian section. When she returned from the hospital, four days later, Nala was nowhere to be found. They were heartbroken.

Ashleigh also felt Nala was waiting to be found and she never gave up posting photos looking for her sweet cat.

We got Nala ready for her return home by giving her a microchip – so she could be reunited with her person if she ever got lost again – and treating her for fleas. Then Jeanie drove Nala the 2 ½ miles home, across the bridge to neighboring Yuba City.

As Nala was brought to the door in a carrier, she was greeted by her family. It was a touching reunion!

Thanks to you, we are able to help Nala and cats like her when they need it most!

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