12 Saves of Christmas – Proud Mary – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #11

12 Saves of Christmas – Proud Mary – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #11

12 Saves of Christmas – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #11: Proud Mary

Each day, we will share one of FieldHaven’s 12 most heartwarming cat saves of 2020. Each happy story was made possible through your generosity!

Sometimes an act of kindness sets off a whole chain of goodness.

When we first met Proud Mary, she was just five months old and pregnant – still a kitten herself. She was brought into VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic by a Good Samaritan because they noticed that she had a nasty abdominal wound.

She was very fearful, but she allowed the veterinarian to clean up her wound, which was infected. The veterinarian also said that Proud Mary was very far along in her pregnancy.

The clinic called FieldHaven Feline Center, and we took Proud Mary into our care. Tracie and Claire, two wonderful foster care volunteers, agreed to take Proud Mary into their home so that she could deliver her babies in a safe place.

Shortly after arriving in her foster home, Proud Mary gave birth to five kittens, two torties and three orange tabbies – all adorable and healthy. Tracie and Claire not only looked after the kittens and Proud Mary’s physical needs, they made sure the kittens were well socialized by petting them, handling them and, as they got older, playing with them. These are important experiences for young kittens so they are ready to be adopted.

Once the kittens were old enough, they were neutered and vaccinated and ready for loving adoptive homes. And Proud Mary was adopted, too!

An act of kindness on the part of a stranger set Proud Mary’s life on a whole new course. Instead of struggling on the streets as a teen mom, now she gets to enjoy her kittenhood and be a pampered gal! That’s a photo of her – now named Skittles – in her new home at left.

Your act of kindness, your donations to FieldHaven Feline Center, makes life changing help for Proud Mary and other cats like her possible. On behalf of Proud Mary and all of us at FieldHaven Feline Center, THANK YOU!

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