Lagertha: A Community Cat’s Retirement

Lagertha: A Community Cat’s Retirement

This girl has quite a story.

Lagertha, a beautiful Norwegian forest cat with a striking coat, was an indoor/outdoor kitty suddenly left homeless when her family moved 3 years ago, leaving her to fend for herself. Now a community cat, she took up residence in a spot across the street. The neighbors provided food, water, and the occasional hug or kiss. One neighbor noticed she was walking stiffly and having a hard time getting around.

Suffering from aching and malfunctioning disks in her spine, arthritic elbows, and a few underlying conditions made it impossible for her to manage the pain without human intervention.

When a new neighbor, who was not cat-friendly, moved into “her” house, the neighbors tried to explain Lagertha’s history, assuring she was being cared for. He was not swayed, actually acting somewhat hostile towards Lagertha. With her age catching up to her, a not-so-nice neighbor, and now a bossy young male cat moving on to the cul-de-sac, it was no surprise her caregivers noticed her pain was increasing.

In August, a call was made to FieldHaven’s Community/Cat Assistance Team (CAT). Lagertha was declining and community cat life was no longer best for her. Always ready to take action to save a cat in need, long-time FieldHaven CAT volunteer Becky Nelson brought Lagertha home in early September to provide her with the love and stable environment required for recovery. Shaving Lagertha was the best option for her now-matted and messy coat. Being in such sad shape, her future looked dim. Undaunted, Becky was committed to make her remaining days happy, peaceful, and comfortable.

Lagertha responded well by roaming around both indoors and outdoors (under Becky’s supervision), eventually choosing favorite spots to take luxurious hours-long naps. Generosity and unconditional love were rewarded with playtime. Becky even took Lagertha camping which reinvigorated the achy girl, who perked up tremendously and gained a new lease on life.

Unfortunately, this wore out – Lagertha let Becky know she was ready. On December 8, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. “She was my beautiful, loving old soul fospice cat. I’m sad but relieved for her. She was always in pain but she showed a zest for life that told her she wanted more time.” Thank to caregivers like Becky, Lagertha’s final months were filled with the love and comfort she had only dreamt of.

If you are interested in being part of our fospice program, learn more here.

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