Foster a Fospice Cat

An EKG monitor with a love heart in the middle.

Give the Gift of a Loving Family

Fospice (a portmanteau of “foster” and “hospice”) is a foster home for kittens and cats with terminal medical issues. While it is sad to know these kitties are coming to your home to live out their final days, it is rewarding to ensure they feel abundant warmth and love at the end of their lives. The time commitment for fospice care is impossible to gauge: it can be a few days to a few years. Regardless of how long your fospices are with you, know you are offering them the most loving and caring gift imaginable: compassion.

FieldHaven’s wonderful on-site animal care manager, fospice coordinator, and medical team are there with you every step of the way on this special journey. Keeping the quality of life of our fospice kittens and cats in mind at all times, we will make the determination when it is time to help them cross the Rainbow Bridge.

FieldHaven is always in need of safe and loving homes where fospice kittens and cats can spend their final days. We hope you consider this option when you are deciding where you might be best needed.

Fospice Stories

Grandma Rhoda, a black and orange senior cat.

Grandma Rhoda

Meet Grandma Rhoda, the longest member
of FieldHaven’s fospice program!

Lagertha, a long haired black cat.


Lagertha’s life to a 180º turn when Becky
provided loving fospice care to her.

Become a Fospice Superhero

You can make a difference in a fospice cat or kitten’s life. If you are interested in fostering a fospice cat, please fill out the foster application form.