You Can Provide a Happily Ever After

You Can Provide a Happily Ever After

Paprika and her new mom.

At about ten years old, Paprika had seen many cats come and go from her ‘hood in the Ellis Lake area of Marysville. She had so many litters of kittens that she lost count of how many kitty daddies there had been. Much like Grizzabella in Cats, she was in rough shape when she was plucked from the streets by Jill’s daughter last spring. She saw a veterinarian for treatment of severe fleas, anemia and malnutrition.

Jill was going to adopt her into her family but, unfortunately, Paprika wanted nothing to do with Jill’s other cats. When she came to FieldHaven in August she needed several surgeries, including a dental, spaying and many biopsies. After healing from all her procedures, Paprika moved to FieldHaven Marketplace to work in a temporary position of Purrsonal Shopper until she was adopted the week before Christmas.

This beauty is now living her fairy tale, happily-ever-after as a one-and-only cat in a loving home, just in time for the holidays.

Your support made it possible to give Paprika the medical treatment she needed in order to live a happy, healthy life for the rest of her life. Please consider giving a year-end donation to help other cats find a happy ending like Paprika did.

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