In the Right Place at the Right Time: Lennon

In the Right Place at the Right Time: Lennon

Dear FieldHaven Friends,

As we sign off on another year and (gasp!) another decade I thought about whose story I wanted share with you. Which one of the 2,500+ cats who, in 2019, passed through FieldHaven, either through our adoption program, SNAP, the Camp Fire Recovery, or even our vaccine & microchip clinic? Which one of at least the same number of people whose lives we’ve touched and helped?
So many “miracle” stories passed through my mind. Where heroic efforts saved a kitty beyond the greatest odds.

One kitty and person kept coming to mind as I was running through the many possibilities. It’s not a glamorous, nail-biting, dramatic story. It’s a very ordinary stray kitty story. Kitty found abandoned, kitty meets their person. They fall in love. A Hallmark sort of love story.

This is what we do. It’s what your support gives us the means to do. Thank you and enjoy the love-filled story of Lennon and Aaron.

In the Right Place at the Right Time

It’s an old adage but yet so truthful. Lennon’s FieldHaven story (formerly “Sassy”) started just that way.

Volunteer SNAP Coordinator Lorraine Davis was driving down Wildcat Boulevard (appropriate, huh?) in Rocklin one night when she spotted a black cat crossing the road in front of her. Lorraine is of the mind that a black cat in your path is a sign of good luck so she parked and jumped out of her car.

She beckoned to the kitty who came right to her. She picked her up and found her to be terribly skinny: about four pounds of fur.

Taking her home, Lorraine followed all the right procedures to find her family but after weeks of no one coming forward Sassy went to FieldHaven for adoption.

Black. A little timid. Doesn’t like other cats. Adult. All traits that cause a cat to be overlooked in an adoption center, although we always have faith that special person or family will come along.

Aaron and his daughters met Sassy (now Lennon) at FieldHaven Marketplace and soon they were marching out the door with her carrier safely tucked in their arms.

Several days later, Aaron posted on FieldHaven Alumni: “I couldn’t be happier about bringing this perfect girl into my home.” She was showing her timid side but Aaron knew she just need some time.

 Over the past few months we have watched Aaron chronicle their journey into becoming a complete, loving family.

“She’s making such huge progress today. Her new 47″ tall cat tree gets delivered today, and I’ll put that in front of the window so she can look out into the garden. She’s really coming out of her shell. So happy.”

“She’s so funny because she yells at me when she wants to play or if I sleep in and haven’t fed her promptly in the morning.”

“Lennon is getting more and more lovey since I adopted her in August. She’s now sitting on the back of my chair and purring in my ear. I’m hoping my lap is the next step. Day by day, she’s getting even more affectionate.”

“We’re making huge leaps of progress towards Lennon being the most lovey cat ever. Every night since last Friday she’s been in my lap and yelling at me by 8:30 PM for me to sit in my chair so she can curl up in my lap. When I get home from work, she sits on the back of my chair and yells at me until I pick her up and hold her while I walk around the house. Previously, she didn’t want to be held for more than a couple minutes.”

Christmas Eve: “She has really made leaps and bounds of progress since adopting her in August. I honestly never thought she’d be the kind of cat who gave all my guests equal amounts of love and attention. Thank you so much to FieldHaven for allowing me to find my ultimate sweet baby cat who loves everyone!”

My heart swells with love for Lennon’s story. Thank you for the opportunity to share it with you.

We are stepping into 2020 in full stride to carry on helping cats and people, saving lives and hopefully making you proud of your support. We sure are proud and honored you’ve chosen FieldHaven to bestow your contributions on.

With Peace and Purrs,

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