Yuba County Animal Services Stops Intaking Cats

Yuba County Animal Services Stops Intaking Cats

Last week, Yuba County Animal Services released the following statement:

“Due to staffing shortages at the Yuba County Animal Care Services Department, we have identified a few non-required services that we will be temporarily suspending in order to provide mandatory and priority animal care services to our county. Beginning October 14th, 2019 and until staffing levels allow re-implementation 1) our shelter will no longer accept feral or stray cats; and 2) we will no longer be accepting owner surrendered animals for re-homing; or owner surrenders for euthanasia. There are several rescue organizations in our region than can assist with re-homing of animals as well as feral cat capture for spay/neuter and release programs; and we are happy to put people in touch with such organizations. We also remain committed to working hand in hand with rescue organizations in order to place as many animals into adoptive homes or foster situations as we possibly can.”

Since the announcement FieldHaven is receiving more calls and pleas for help than ever. We would like to let the public know what services we can offer to residents of YCAS service area.

But first, a little information about FieldHaven.

At this time FieldHaven’s focus for cats being intaked to our adoption program is in the following areas:

  • Lincoln and Placer County
  • Wheatland
  • Marysville city limits

Carriers of catsWe are a limited admission shelter which means that we do not intake cats or kittens without first contacting us and making arrangements. We only intake when we have available space so even cats from the above mentioned areas may have to wait for capacity space to be available. Owner surrenders have a surrender fee beginning at $250 and may increase depending on age, temperament and health status. We are no longer accepting cats into our Rodent Ranger program.

Volunteers in Yuba County with cat cagesOur goal is to always find a way to not intake an animal. We have numerous services that we offer to help community members who want to help the strays in their neighborhood. We need you to be part of helping. Please only reach out to FieldHaven for help if you are willing to be part of the solution. FieldHaven cannot be the answer to Yuba County’s cat overpopulation problem. But we can help guide the community to solutions.

It is also important to know that FieldHaven is not a municipal agency. Our funding, in its entirety, is through donations, fundraising and our thrift store, FieldHaven Marketplace. We have a very tight budget and currently do not have funding budgeted for the unincorporated areas of Yuba County, except for the incorporated city of Marysville.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help. There is plenty we can do by working together. Here are a couple of ways we can help:

  • If you have a personal cat you [think] you need to rehome call or email our Community Assistance Team (C.A.T.) at (916) 434-6022 or [email protected]. Be prepared to discuss ways for you to not rehome your cat. What you may think is an insurmountable issue, we may have suggestions for helping you deal with it and ultimately keep your kitty. If, during our conversations, it becomes apparent that rehoming is the best solution we can help you with tips on how to rehome kitty yourself as an alternative to surrendering to FieldHaven or any other shelter.
  • Stray and feral cats and kittens in your neighborhood – this is our specialty. TNR (trap/neuter/return) is always our first approach. There is rarely a situation where cats cannot be spayed/neutered then returned to their location. Funding is the challenge with TNR. We can help guide you to how to fundraise in your community and network to find funds. Following is a list of resources for spay/neuter and more on that topic below.

Spay/Neuter Resources:

PAWS of Oroville

  • Feral cat spay/neuter – $29 includes rabies and distemper vaccine
  • Non-feral – $58 females, $37 males plus vaccines

Animal Spay and Neuter Auburn

  • Females cats – $40 adult, $30 kitten plus vaccines
  • Males – $30 adult, $20 kitten plus vaccines

FieldHaven’s Hathaway Clinic – [email protected] or (916) 434-6022

  • Feral and Community Cats – $60 includes spay/neuter, vaccines, revolution, eartip and microchip

There are probably more – please let me know if you know of any so we can add them to the list.

There is a glaring lack of a high volume spay/neuter clinic in Yuba (or Sutter) County for both cats and dogs. We need to all put efforts towards getting one established in this area.

Yuba County Animal Services with a FieldHaven volunteer and executive director Joy Smith with kittensPlease support the YCAS shelter staff in making this decision. But much more needs to done. I encourage you to contact your county officials and ask them how you can be part of making a change for the animals in Yuba County. FieldHaven is here to support your efforts but the initiative for change starts with every resident of Yuba County that thinks there are too many stray and feral cats in your community, whether you like cats or not.

Adoption is not the answer to solving the overpopulation of cats and kittens in Yuba County. There are far too many cats, most of which are feral, to adopt our way to fewer cats. The primary way to address the problem is through TNR. That is what Marysville is doing. Let’s get the rest of Yuba County to follow their example.

Are you ready to help be part of the solution?

To contact me directly email me at [email protected]

5 thoughts on “Yuba County Animal Services Stops Intaking Cats”

  1. Joy, this is so awesome!
    Fieldhaven has grown to be such an important resource in all areas there.
    I’m so proud of you and of your staff for all that you do for the cats.

  2. Deanna Shafer says:

    i have five ferral kittens i found i can catch them so they can be tamed i think they are 8 to 10 weeks

    1. Roberta D says:

      I’ve tamed feral kitties at r months old and it only took around a week or less to get them to start relaxing and cme to me for food. . Those kittens at your place cat totally be tamed😸💖

  3. Patricia Jackson says:

    I think it’s great what you’re doing at least the cats won’t continue to breed. However, we have lived here 7 years and cats have been an on going problem. We have trapped several cats because of the constant spraying and pooping around our front door and if that wasn’t bad enough they started peeing on our patio cushions. Now wouldn’t that make you mad enough to trap some cats? A while back, a member from Fieldhaven called me in hopes that I would pickup the cat that we had trapped and taken to the Animal Shelter. She continued to tell me that once the cat was spayed/neutered the cat would eventually stop roaming. From what I have seen this is not true. Our neighbor his cats are spayed/neutered they are up and down the street, in our neighbors garage and I’ve seen him looking for them. So how long is eventually and how many patio cushions are we going to have to buy?

  4. Susan Roebuck says:

    Looking for advice and anyone willing to help foster some kittens and give advice. Saturday 6 kittens found in boat and inside car, Marysville, unincorporated. One was critically injured when the car was started, This led to the discovery of more kittens in the car and the rest in the boat. As we are the known local cat rescuers/cat lovers in our immediate neighborhood, they trapped the 5 well kittens and mama and brought them to us. I was left with taking the injured one to a vet to put down. Mama is feral but I recognized her as the grown kitten from a block over that run off because they let her outside all of the time. These people let unsprayed/neutered cats out all of the time which has led to an increase in our local problems with cats. Her previous litter was mostly killed by cars or the storm drain. Now, she has reappeared and gave birth to at least 6 kittens. Everyone looks to someone else to take care of the problem and I guess we must be the problem solver at our own expense due to living in a county that pleads they are too poor to take care of the problem. However she must be stopped from from dropping more in the neighborhood. . I am going to get mama spayed. Right now she is in a 4x4x2 cage in our garage with the 5 kittens. She is not nursing them. They eat solid food. Saturday was the first time to see daylight or humans. Mama is very hostile. I thought I should leave her with the kittens for a week or so in order for them to settle down. However, I am thinking this is not wise as they will copy her behavior. Need advice. Should I get mama out of the cage as soon as possible? How does one go about socializing 5 feral kittens? I have done this earlier this year but it was only one and worked out well. Are there any fosters willing to take a few? I have 13 cats inside and am unwilling to upset them with ore cats or expose them to any disease these guys might have. They look healthy right now. Where can I get them adopted out?

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